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TerraZ, division of Alphavic inc. has been in constant evolution since 1977. With 35 000 square feet of production area, the company specializes in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture.

TerraZ controls all production phases using an entirely computerized system. The company has several specialized departements (wood, metal, upholstery, sewing, painting, etc.) and is headed by a very dynamic research and development team.

TerraZ is a distinct and innovative company. Its two major market fields are:

  • A made to measure chair concept.  Now, you can be the craftsman of your home theatre or relaxation den.  Be it a chair, a loveseat, a sofa or your entire home theatre area, Terraz Concept offers you complete flexibility and choice. A step by step concept, you choose the back, the arms, the layout and finally a fabric or leather finish. You can have your chair equipped with a motorized or manual activated seat and select from other options available soon.
  • The Zero Gravity chair provides optimal rest and could instantly free you from the stress of weight

    the Zero Gravity position distribute weight proportionnally, reducing pressure on spine and lower back and enhancing blood circulation

    The unique and patented mechanisme provides an automatic ergonomic posture for the user. The seat back adjustment is indepedently controlled and will not force a predetermined seat and footrest position

    The ingenious system composed of rollers, offers a perfectly adaptable support for a unique sensory experience

    Naturally easy, the unit molds itself to your body for perfect support. The mechanisme works indepedently and will adjust automaticly to the angle of your back, whether you are reading, watching television or sleeping

    The seat and footrest are electrically controled, any effort to find the ideal position. An angle from 0 to 35 degrees relative to the floor can easely be obtained

    You can enjoy the experience of Zero Gravity without imposing any limits on your comfort.

At TerraZ, the Sales and Marketing department works in close collaboration with the production department in order to satisfy the needs of the customers and the market.

Two computer systems are used to back up the production process and order entry. This allows for a better follow-up at the customer service level.

To conclude, we certify that our company is very present in the new millennium : we offer personalized products responding to increasingly demanding customer needs.

32, de l’Artisan street
Victoriaville (Quebec) Canada G6P 7E3
Phone : 819.758.3739 / Fax : 819.758.4881
Email: ventes@alphavicfurniture.com
Web Site: www.terrazfurniture.com

Collection A2000

TerraZ, Alphavic Inc. Division

Address: 32, de l'Artisan, C.P. 780 Victoriaville (Quebec) Canada G6P 7W7

Phone: (819) 758-3739
Fax: (819) 758-4881

Email: ventes@collectiona2000.com