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The ergonomic back Zero Gravity chair provides optimal rest and could instantly free you from the stress of weight

the Zero Gravity position distribute weight proportionnally, reducing pressure on spine and lower back and enhancing blood circulation

The unique and patented mechanisme provides an automatic ergonomic posture for the user. The seat back adjustment is indepedently controlled and will not force a predetermined seat and footrest position

The ingenious system composed of rollers, offers a perfectly adaptable support for a unique sensory experience

Naturally easy, the unit molds itself to your body for perfect support. The mechanisme works indepedently and will adjust automaticly to the angle of your back, whether you are reading, watching television or sleeping

The seat and footrest are electrically controled, any effort to find the ideal position. An angle from 0 to 35 degrees relative to the floor can easely be obtained

You can enjoy the experience of Zero Gravity without imposing any limits on your comfort.

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