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About leather

Leather characteristics

Le cuir est un produit préparé avec beaucoup d’attention et de minutie. Voici une fiche informative afin de bien comprendre toutes ses caractéristiques de même que des trucs indispensables pour son entretien.

* Leather

Leather is a tanned animal skin

* Tanning

Tanning allows the the skin to keep its original form and protects it from water and bacteria
During the tanning process, the leather is lubricated with fats that reinforces and softens the skin

* Aniline Dye

The dye used to colour leather deeply penetrates and dyes the skin from edge to edge.

They are soaked in a drum that contains a mixture of water and dye (with a dye known to fabric dyers).

Because aniline dying colours the skin all the way through, it prevents the original colour to show even after use or when scratched or cut.

Natural variations add panache and life to leather. In order to protect your leather from fading do not place it in direct sunlight.

A finish is applied to Aniline dyed leather in order to:

• Soften the leather

• Balance and improve the degree of the Aniline dye.

• Render it resistant to water, oil and other grime

• Camouflage imperfections

• Accentuate the brilliance and strength of the leather


Leather has its roots in ancient civilizations, constantly adapting in each era, becoming more flexible and more resistant, from prehistoric times to the present.

Being a natural product derived from animal skin, it is normal that the leather has some imperfections, this only accentuates its charm. These marks are a sign of nature and ensure that it is genuine leather.

Its look, texture, aroma, all unique in itself, make authentic leather a coveted product.

A never ending variety of leathers are offered on the market. For your information, listed below are some characterics of the type of leather we use on our lines:

* Sauvage leather (with a 0.9mm thickness)

Sauvage leather is a top grain leather with a pigment durable semi-Aniline dye with a protective coat to ensure the colour and texture.

The leather is lightly modified uniformly and results in unparalleled softness. Due to its subtle pigmentation this leather offers a harmony of natural tones which easily adapts to many colour schemes. A transparent coat is also applied to the surface for additional protection. This finish offers a more uniform colour and a moderate resistance to liquids and stains.

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